24 February 2024


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Kamdini: Victims of collapsed building identified

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Good samaritans retrieving a deceased and other victimson Monday.

Last Updated on: 18th May 2020, 08:17 pm


Businesses came to a standstill in Kamdini Town Council, Oyam district on Monday afternoon after a building under renovation collapsed.

The commercial building along Gulu highway belongs to Uganda’s Solicitor General, Mr Francis Atoke. The building is over 10 years ago.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to TND News, there was no clear sign of fissures in the building and its collapse is “a big story”.

TND News has learnt that the building was getting new facelift by incident time. At least four painters, including a builder, were already working.

The house was under the care of Mr Obonyo Lawrence, 35. Mr Atoke’s right-hand man unfortunately died on the spot.

He was also a popular trader within Kamdini and Oyam South at large, dealing in the motor’s spare parts in the killer house.

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“He [Obonyo] had entered inside his shop to pick some spare parts for his customer, unfortunately he got hit by a collapsing debris while exiting,” eyewitnesses told TND News’ Ebong Solomon.

Eye witlessness also told the publication that the victims were ‘removing the shade’. It is the shade that collapsed and caused fatality and injuries.

Speaking to TND News on Monday evening, North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police [IP] Michael Odongo said: “The veranda was falling, and the deceased was trying to run out and the iron sheet cut him.” He added: “The bricks fell on him and injured his head and started bleeding from the nose, ears and he died.”

IP Odongo identified the victims as: Omoro Hudson, 33, Otim Denis, 22, Akol Walter, 17 and Olim Innocent, 25. They are all residents of Kamdini sub-county.

The above survivors were all taken to Pope John Hospital–Aber where they are getting treatment for injuries.

Mr Odongo further added that they took the deceased to his home, awaiting a post-mortem by a doctor before he’s buried.

“We have sent police officers to investigate what could have caused the falling of the building and consequently injuring those people,” he added.

The deceased is a resident [born] of Aleny, Kamdini sub-county.

Story by Ebong Solomon and Frank Oyugi

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