24 February 2024


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Op-ed: We should rise up to stop the loot around COVID – 19


Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP has been arrested. File photo

Last Updated on: 17th May 2020, 02:03 pm


By Ishaa Otto Amiza

I greet you all fellow Congress and Citizens of Uganda.

It has been a while since we last communicated.

I hope everyone is safe and struggling to make ends meet during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Recalling that before the outbreak of COVID-19, UPC party had released a roadmap leading to the elections of 2021 alongside the census exercise which was going on, I urge UPC members to prepare to resume to those tasks as soon as COVID-19 lockdown ends.

You may have witnessed that the State actors and the 10th Parliament have used the COVID-19 situation to advance their selfish missions to use COVID- 19 as a pretext to loot public wealth.                        

The NRA/M State has profitably used this opportunity to secure over 1.3trillion in supplementary budget allocation with the biggest percentage going to State House through classified expenditure. Notwithstanding, you may know International Monetary Fund [IMF] has also opened another avenue for looting by allocating 1.8Trillion towards fighting the non- existent COVID-19 in Uganda. 

MPs shamelessly and selfishly allocated to themselves a whopping shs10bn to facilitate their greed around coronavirus with no clear mode of accounting for this money.

As you all know, our politicians including those who pretend to oppose the NRA/ M regime and State actors have always exploited the insensitivity of the citizenry to loot the nation with impunity.

COVID-19 has now become a very lucrative venture, opening up an opportunity for the political and technical actors in government to enrich themselves using public coffers. Therefore, as we applaud our medical workers, State actors who have distinguished themselves from being compromised, we should test the situation and remain vigilant and committed to following the WHO guidelines on coronavirus, as domesticated by the Ministry of Health of Uganda.

We hope through God’s deliverance, we may soon get out of this lockdown and resume our normal operations, but we must not be diverted from the struggle to liberate our country from maladministration and dictatorship. 

As citizens and members of the Congress, we must stand out to spearhead the post COVID-19 struggles in ensuring that leaders in office are made accountable as we continue the struggle to restore sanity in our motherland.

I call upon you to continue to lead the people of Uganda in the fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases.

Finally, the five years of hostage of UPC by NRA State must now end. I therefore call upon every single member of the Congress to stand out now to join the battle to repossess the party from the Museveni’s appendage in UPC.

You should also join hands to restore hope and confidence in our people by providing leadership and taking the party to victory by working in solidarity with all the progressive forces of liberation in Uganda.                        

For God and My Country

The writer is a Congressman and former Oyam South MP.

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