24 February 2024


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Oyam: Wife burned by husband after cooking ‘coroko’ for supper

Auma now admitted at Anyeke Health Centre IV in Oyam Town

Auma now admitted at Anyeke Health Centre IV in Oyam Town

Last Updated on: 16th May 2020, 03:07 pm


A 20 year old woman is in pain and nursing serious injuries at Anyeke Health Centre IV as a result of food-related domestic violence.

She was injured last week on Thursday.

Sharon Auma who’s a resident of Ageroket village, Iceme sub-county in Oyam County North was injured by her husband, Daniel Omara, 23.

Omara alleges that she defiantly cooked for him mung bean, locally known in Lango and across northern Uganda as ‘coroko’.

Some residents of the area where the incident happened spoke to our Oyam based journalist on condition of anonymity.

“Omara first assaulted Auma last Monday and locked her outside before pouring hot cooking oil on her last Thursday,” one source reveals.

Another source said Omara later kept Auma indoor for nearly a week while giving her a local herb to treat her wounds.

On Thursday, one week after, Auma’s brothers on learning about the incident took her to Anyeke HCIV for better treatment.

Mr Martin Okullo, the Local Council One chairperson in charge Ageroket village confirmed the incident in an interview with TND News.

“Omara fought his wife claiming that she has on many occasions cooked mung bean (coroko) against his will,” the village leader added.

He said he was not aware that Omara kept the wife indoor for a week.

“We have been assuming he was adhering to the order from the LC1 committee who directed him to take her for treatment,” Mr Okullo told TND News.

The Oyam District Police Commander [DPC], Victor Kule Sassi told this publication that police was yet to register that incident

“People with details should contact police so that investigation can start on the matter,” DPC Kule added.

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