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PROFILE: Who’s Pheona Nabasa Wall, aspirant for ULS Presidency?

(Last Updated On: 30 July 2023)


“More than ever, young lawyers look up to ULS to articulate their issues better than ever before. And that is why I stand,” Pheona Nabasa Wall, says.

The race to elect the next Uganda Law Society [ULS] President is on. One of the contenders, highly expected to win the presidency, is Pheona Nabasa Wall, 40.

Today, TND News profiles Pheona: FAT for ULS. 

Pheona Wall Nabasa is an advocate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Diploma in Legal Practice and an MBA in Management.

She is a governance professional and a public relations practitioner with over 15 years of experience, currently serving as the Senior Manager of Legal Services National Water and Sewerage Corporation, a position she has held since June 2014.

She is also currently the Vice President of Uganda Law Society and the Chairperson of the Legal Aid and Pro Bono Project of the Uganda Law Society.

“I’m passionate about mentoring young people,” Pheona, who’s a Patron of the KIU Law Society added.

She has served on various boards including Water FC, Future Investments Group, East African Young Water Professionals, Uganda Law Society, and Public Relations Association of Uganda, among others.

Pheona won the Hague Institute for Innovations in Law’s “2018 Talent to Watch” award and is a New Vision 40 under 40 finalist for 2018.

She is a member of various organisations like ICGU, FIDA-U, IBA, PRAU, ULS, and EALS.

Pheona is extensively experienced in legal risk management, regulatory compliance, projects, infrastructure and construction law, board affairs and stakeholder relations management.

A resource in both private and public enterprises with thorough knowledge and hands-on experience in public relations, company secretarial practice, corporate governance, labour law, contract and commercial transactions, the 40-year-old is the right person for the ULS top seat.

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Phenoa’s detailed agenda for ULS.

Pheona combines a solid corporate legal background with a well-developed understanding of both commercial and operational drivers of a business.

“I am passionate about promoting good governance and change management in public institutions, increasing access to justice for the marginalised, especially women and children, and promoting the rule of law,” she tells TND News.

Pheona says she is a servant leader who is “goal-oriented, people-focused, passionate about good governance, succession planning, mentorship, and hungry to learn”.

“I am tenacious and dogged when pursuing goals and aspirations that I truly believe in. In my practice and service, I have grown FAT: Faithful, Available and Teachable,” she added.

Her promises to the Uganda Law Society [ULS]:

  • Faithful to its membership and mandate
  • Available to its membership and stakeholders;
  • Teachable in its character and reputation.

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