Oyam women ‘queues every Friday’ to buy raw cassava to feed family

(Last Updated On: 28 March 2019)

By Williams Moi

Farmers in Uganda, especially those in northern Uganda are ready to plant their gardens.

According to some peasant farmers in Oyam district, they have prepared gardens for Mt. Meru type of soy bean seeds for planting but only waiting for the ‘first rainfall’.

“It is best yielding type of crop,” Apio Susan, one of the farmers said.

“I will get bumper harvest in June after planting Mt. Meru soy. It has been hot since November but we received rain only twice in March which was not enough for planting and good yields,” said Abilla George Kisembo, a renowned farmer in Adigo parish – Loro sub-county, Oyam district.

With the current climate change being experienced, there is no food for sale and household use following long drought which has lasted for 5 months now.

However, farmers say they are eagerly waiting for rainfall to seriously start garden works.

Our correspondent saw  women struggling to buy raw cassava at Loro market day which takes place every Friday. “From the look, you can imagine how poverty has wrecked homes. Long queues just to buy food.”

A heap of cassava which used to cost 1000 Uganda shillings nowadays cost 2000 and not enough for a meal in a family of 8, depending on the population in that home.

Poultry, animals and other birds have become hungry and thirstier, including human brings, all are crying to God for  relief with at least and if not all, enough water.

“I am only looking to heaven, the moment the almighty sends rain the time I plant my seeds,” said Ajok Grace, a farmer.

“Even plants have dried. There is no shade for resting, many domestic theft cases have risen, food stores (granaries) in the villages being looted due to poverty; no rainfall to boost agriculture,” Williams Moi narrates.

Mt. Meru seed Manager and Extension worker, Richard Ogwal said during a recent talk show on a radio that the company ‘is ready  to sell farmers enterprising seeds in bulk but at reduced prize’.

He urged them to utilize farm calendar well.

Metroligists say heavy rain would return at the end of March and subside in June 2019 for the first season.

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