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I’ve slept with 1million men, still counting – Kampala thigh vendor


Last Updated on: 24th March 2019, 04:05 pm

Prostitution in most parts of Kampala is thriving, and it’s now a well paying venture.

According to TND News investigations, six in ten female persons – between 18 to 30 years found in sex vending places in Kampala at night, are selling themselves.

The research also shows that only two of them are HIV negative, the rest are taking Anti Retroviral Drugs.

And while government, through Ethics and Intergrity Ministry late last year told this contemporary online newspaper it would embark on arresting and prosecuting sex traders, the announcement, has never taken off – with sex trades booming each day.

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There are over 200,000 corporate sex traders in Kampala Central Business District, and 500,000 low class vendors, trading in city’s outskirts.

Many of these people are into associations, and money saving groups – our finding shows.

Speaking to Bridget Kalungi (surname not real to protect her identity), she shared with TND News’ investigator her story, how she managed to have sex with million men, her health status, and much more.

According to Kalungi, 30, she opted to sell her body to men after both parent passed on, and later a boyfriend mysteriously.

Unlike her parents, Kalungi’s boyfriend was bewitched and died, leaving her with a one year old baby boy.

“My husband was everything to me, my life. When he died, I had nowhere to go, nothing to do to feed myself and I was approached by a friend with whom we left for Kabalagala that night,” she recalls.

“From Kabalagala, we entered into one of the popular bars, ordered for beers; men started coming to us and life was flowing,” she adds.

That night, according to her – she served five men, minting a combined cash of Uganda shillings 200,000.

“That day and forward, I started loving what I was introduced to, I was able to pay rent with ease, take care of my child and other siblings,” a mother of one said.

Now her fifth year in sex trade, in 2014, Kalungi says she managed to have sex with eight Chinese tycoons, five Kenyans, ten Rwandan men, ten Americans, one Ethiopian businessman who had come to Kampala, one French, a Dutch, two Nigerians, a Ghanaian and five hundred (500) Ugandans.

“It sounds strange and few may believe me but that’s what I did, I managed them,” she defended her record.

By end of January 2015, she says she was able to do 180 men, making Uganda shillings 3.7 millions.

“The remaining eleven months was also fruitful. I did 610 men coming from different countries.”

Asked why she’s able to remember all numbers since commencement, she said: “I have a diary book and each day I use it. If I have forgotten entering any detail, it’s less than ten men who have slept with me.”

Among her customers she says are government officials like ministers, doctors, engineers in private business, prominent tycoons in and outside Kampala, among many elites.

“I am weak now but I think I can reach 500 more between 2019 and 2020. That’s my target,” she promises, more of the same!

“Whereas I have been enjoying life, dancing all night, I have come to my senses after acquiring HIV/AIDs in 2017. Sometimes I become sickly, weak and feel like my days are counting,” Kalungi says as she weeps.

Asked if she has been enjoying live sex, she tells us “No”, adding: “On daily basis, we use at least three Condoms (CDs) and am always serious.”

However, in 2017, a customer tricked me and removed the condom, I realised after he was coming and enjoyment was unlike other moment,” she narrates

“I don’t regret doing it though. Because I had no education qualification, it means I was not employable and I thank my friend (who died in 2017) for showing me the way.”

On her savings, the 30 year old brags of having Uganda shillings 20 million in her bank account on top of other investments she managed to “put right” since 2014.

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