Amuru district has come out to restrict sale of sachet wagagi. COURTESY PHOTO.

Too much alcohol intake lands Oyam teachers in trouble

(Last Updated On: 14 March 2019)

By Ojara Daniel

Four primary school teachers in Ngai sub-county, Oyam district are  in hot soup after pleading guilty to consuming high amount of alcohol.

They appeared before a Committee of Parents and Teachers (PTA).

Last week, four teachers from different schools in Ngai sub-county were arrested by local leaders and the police after they were found well drank, beyond limits, and durning class hours.

Two were arrested from Arek primary school and two others from Onekgwok primary school.

They were all taken to Ngai police outpost for “corrections”.

Ngai LC 3 chairperson, Kenneth Anyima (whose names has since been canceled) says the teachers have been absconding from their duty stations and ‘they always report late at schools and the worst of all they, never stay without testing waragi’.

Anyima also says they will be taken again before the disciplinary committee of the sub-county.

Last year, the same arrest happened in Ogwet primary also in Ngai sub-county were a teacher was arrested for absconding from work and drinking sachet waragi during class hours.

Last week, Ngai sub-county passed a by- law that guards and limits the time of drinking to all the civil servants.

The sub-county passed a resolution, restricting alcohol enjoying from 6.00 pm till dawn.

Similarly, Oyam district local government and other districts in northern Uganda last year approved and passed bylaws, banning sale, consumption of waragi early in the morning in the entire district.

But, since then, selling and buying of alcohol is still booming, right from early in the morning every day.

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