Oyam: Unknown person sets fire on two kids

(Last Updated On: 14 March 2019)

By Williams Moi

Two children have been burnt to a coma in Apurongo village, Adigo parish, Loro sub county, in Oyam district.

The incident happened on Friday night after unknown person set fire on them.

The kids were sleeping in a grass thatched house next to their mother’s house at around 11:30pm.

They were rushed that same night by a well wisher to Pope John Paul hospital – Aber  in critical conditions.

The children’s mother has been identified as Ayo Lilly – who is currently single.

Ms. Ayo’s decision to leave her kids sleep on their own is raising concerns – with some locals calling for her severe punishment.

Nobody knows the cause of the fire, but some locals say that Lilly had a quarrel with her brother Yovani Ongom.

Talking to the media at the scene of crime, Ongom said that the fire destroyed the skins of the children.

The victims are aged 4 and 5 years respectively.

TND News correspondent Williams Moi based in Oyam district reports: “Their bodies have turned reddish and the skins were peeling off at the hospital.”

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