German Flying Doctors treat hundreds in Gulu

Last Updated on: 17th February 2019, 01:54 pm

Team of doctors from Germany conducted dental services to hundreds of people in Gulu district.

A five day medical camp treated 321 people of Gwendia parish, Awach sub-county in Gulu district with dental problems.

Dr. Sina Ophoff a dentist from Germany who headed the team in an interview with our reporter said tooth decay are normally caused by eating too much sweet things which attack bacteria.

She also added that brushing is also one way of preventing tooth decay, urging people to brush at least two times a day.

“Teeth related issues if not treated at early stage can kill since it’s connected to the brain,” Dr. Sina added.

She request people, especially parents to stop giving children sweets.

Odur Samual, 48 year old and a resident of Gwengdia, Awach sub-county who benefited from the medical camp appreciated German doctors for working on him at no cost.

“It had given me sleepless nights and i could not eat well for the past 10 years due to excessive pain I went through,” he said.

Odur added he was too poor to pay local dentist to work on him.

Odwa Sammual who is the coordinator Flying Doctors – a non profit organisation based in Germany, said that the dental medical camp was held, based on high demand following survey.

“Most of the people within this region have tooth related problems which forced us to bring these doctors to help extract rotten ones that has unconvinced people for decades,” he added.

Out of 321 people treated, 120 were children below 20 years.

The team heads to West Nile for the same.

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