24 February 2024


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Eight teachers suffer mental illness over loan


Last Updated on: 3rd February 2019, 08:45 am

A total of 8 primary school teachers in Soroti district have developed mental problems because to loan pressure.

This was disclosed by the director public accounts centre (PAC), Benson Ekuwe during the people’s parliament organized by PAC in conjunction with NTV Uganda held at Lukiiko hall in Soroti recently.

Ekuwe noted that because of inequality in income affecting service delivery amongst civil servants and the local people, poverty is increasing day and night and the rich continue being rich and richer while the poor continue being poor and poor.

He added that majority of
people in Teso sub-region are selling their assets including land in order to send their children to school.

He said 8 teachers he met them physically and some of them have
even left teaching because of the mental illness they acquired because of loans for their children’s school fees.

Ekuwe calls upon Ugandans
to stand up and defend their rights by weeding off corrupt elements, and also during elections, voters should exercise their rights well and stop being money minded by voting money leaders.

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