UPC summons ex-president, 3 others over indiscipline

(Last Updated On: 31 January 2019)

Uganda’s oldest opposition political party, Uganda Peoples’ Congress [UPC] has written to former party president, Joseph Mbosa, summoning him to attend a disciplinary meeting scheduled for March, 15, 2019.

Mr. Mbosa – who lost his party presidency nearly four years ago to James Micheal Akena Obote, the current party leader who also doubles as the Lira Municipality Member of Parliament, has been summoned alongside his loyalists.

The same letter, dated 29, January, 2019 by UPC party secretary general Fred Ebil Ebil, Issha Otto Amiza, the former Oyam South MP, Fr. Jacinto Ogwal – former Otuke county MP, Peter Walubiri, former secretary general, have all been accused of contravening Article 5.2(10) of the Uganda Peoples’ Congress Constitution 2008 as amended.

“I am writing to inform you that you are invited to attend a disciplinary hearing at the Uganda Peoples’ Congress Secretariat, 6th floor, Uganda House Building, plot 8-10 Kampala on the 15 day of March at 12:00pm,” part of the letter to Joseph Mbosa reads.

“The hearing is to consider and discuss disciplinary allegations of misconduct, namely that of disobeying decision of the decision Uganda Peoples’ Congress Organs and holding out as the Party vice President, clandestinely insulting Civil Suit against and for the party without authorisation by the party cabinet and issuing a propaganda against the party nominated candidates in the 2016 general elections, contrary to Article 5.2(10) of the UPC constitution 2008 as amended,” the letter further reads.

According to Ebil’s letters to the former party leaders, those found guilty will be expelled indefinitely from the Congress

“If you’re guilty of the allegation, then we may impose a disciplinary sanction up to and including expelling you from the party.”

By press time, none of the four summoned former UPC party leaders could be available for comments as all their known phone numbers were unavailable. TND News will ensure their voices and concerns on this latest development is heard.

It’s worth to note that, besides being summoned for the above misconducts, sources within the party say the four men mobilised those in their camp to sabotage the current UPC leadership under Jimmy Akena.

A source who asked not to be named, says Mbosa, like three others, decided to oppose the legitimacy of UPC party President, Mr. Akena, whose election to the party helm, he says was legally held.

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