President Museveni in one of his farms he uses bottle irrigation.

Agriculture only can eradicate your poverty – Museveni tells Ugandans

(Last Updated On: 19 January 2019)

President of the Republic of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Friday told Ugandans from Omoro district that the ‘alarming’ household poverty can only be done with via agriculture.

The President – assured that nation, and told youth yearning for employment from government to embark on agriculture as the only way of accumulating wealth and eradicating poverty.

Mr. Museveni said all these while commissioning the Equator Seed offices in Koro sub-county, Omoro district.

“Agriculture is the only way that citizen of this country who are unemployed should embark on and invest in than looking for government job which is even not well paid,” the president counseled.

Museveni – who’s a model farmer himself, addicted with bottle mode of irrigation, urges farmers to always use the modern technology in agriculture and plant the seeds that yield properly, and grow crops which have ready market.

Those with small pieces of land, he taught them to embark on fruits planting, rearing of animal which can be done in small areas but can bring a lot of money while those with big areas of land, he told them to grow maize and others crops to bring what he said “a lot of money”.

Okello Douglas Okao – Omoro district LC5 chairperson urged government to encourage decentralization of farms supplies to the district as to avoid late delivery of both farms inputs and crops.

The Equator Seeds office launch was attended by ministers, members of parliament from different constituencies, and farmers’ groups from different areas across northern region.

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