24 February 2024


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While Nandala Mafabi gets in again, Masaba Cooperative Union members are in protest

Nathan Nandala Mafabi swears in as BCU Chairman.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi swears in as BCU Chairman.

Last Updated on: 10th January 2019, 11:46 am

Members [also calling themselves delegates] of Masaba Cooperative Union [MCU] have petitioned the registrar of cooperatives seeking his intervention to have annual general meeting held after three years.

They are also demanding thorough accountability from the current board members, adding that they also need to be free when talking about MCU properties.

John Wamboza, the chairman of Rhamba Shifubi Growers Cooperative Society in Manafwa district who also doubles as the secretary for operation ‘save MCU’, a pressure group says they met all MCU delegates  from 54 societies and 5 zones of Bulambuli,Sironko,Bubulo, lower central and Lwakhakha zone and agreed to sign on the petition calling for the AGM.

 He explains that they have handed the petition to Mr. Wambogo Moses to deliver it to the commissioner and registrar of cooperatives.

Masette Nambafu, the chairman of the Bulago GCS in Sibanga sub-county, Manafwa district says they are pushing for the AGM because they need accountability from the current board for the lasts three years.

He reveals to our reporter that delegates need to be freed from talking about MCU properties and leadership of the current board.

According to Nambafu, many members have been harassed and others detained for talking about union properties which he says must stop, explaining that the properties are not for individuals but for all farmers under the union and that it must be protected for future generations.

Also, Moses Wambogo who’s the chairman of Makhai Growers Cooperative Society in Bushiende sub-county in Mbale district confirmed the receipt of the petition, adding that he will use all ways to push for the AGM before the end of January.

Wambogo also says he will use court if the registrar delays to respond to their petition, explaining that the union is currently on the death bed.

Wambogo urged delegates to remain united in the struggle to revive the union.

“By the end of the struggle, all wrong elements at the union will be known,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nathan Nandala Mafabi was also sworn in as the chairperson of Bugisu Cooperative Union for another term.

His management of BCU has been commendable and applauded by persons from across the country, especially farmers in Teso sub-region.

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