Two PEDO staff in Police custody over illegal recruitment

Last Updated on: 6th January 2019, 07:02 am

Dokolo – Two men claiming to be staff of Peace Reconciliation and Development [PEDO], a local organization in Dokolo district are in police custody for what has been termed as illegal recruitment of people into organization.

Godfrey Ojok – a resident of Lira district and David Ogwang of Agwata sub-county in Dokolo district are being kept at Dokolo Central Police Station for their roles.

Police says the suspects were carrying out a door to door recruitment and had recruited six people in Dokolo district at an amount of Uganda shillings 50,000 each per household in the name of giving children better education.

Jimton Aguta, the DPC Dokolo confirmed the arrest saying Police took action after getting information of illegal recruitment and extortion of money from households by the conmen.

According to Aguta, the two claims their recruitment is based on giving better education outside Lango districts to those who cannot afford it.

Aguta also says the two will later be investigated and handed over to court for legal proceeding.

He then warned parents on embracing unclear educational programs during the prolonged holidays to avoid losing money for future plans. The DPC asked locals to report such matters to Police.

 The police chief warns Officer In charge [OCs] at various Police Stations in the district to stop using Crime Preventers, saying “they are now under Uganda People Defense Forces [UPDF]”.

 “It is a presidential directive that no one should tamper with,” he added.

Dokolo district is among the districts in the north with operational crime preventers at major police stations.

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