Sean Simple L awarding one of street kids during a dancing competition this past Monday.

Gulu street children reunited with family members

(Last Updated On: 30 December 2018)

Hash Tag Gulu, a community based organization working to promote the wellbeing of street kids in Gulu town have reunited five street kids with their families.

The kids, two of whom from Kitgum, one from Nwoya, another one from Pakwach district and one from Palaro sub-county in Gulu district are now with their families.

Michael Ojok, one of the co-founders of the organization says those reunited with their families are orphans.

He added that they were chased away from home by their step mothers.

Mr. Ojok says the children aged between 14-17 years came to the streets because of the mistreatment by their step mothers.

“They have been facing some challenge on the street with the girls; because there are other bigger women who tend to use them as agent of prostitution,” he notes.

Sylvia Alijah Latim Foundation founder, Sylvia Latim says before handing the kids to their relatives, they [relatives] were sensitized on parenthood, caretaker responsibility and we “cautioned them to take care of their children.”

She attributes the high number of street kids in Gulu town to the effects of nearly three decades of war in Northern Uganda.

It’s estimated that there are over six hundred street kids living in Gulu town.

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