Won Nyaci Odongo L dressing clan chief Odoo.

Magistrate Odoo enthroned new clan chief

(Last Updated On: 24 December 2018)

The Lira Grade One Magistrate Simon Peter Odoo has been installed as the new clan chief of Atek Odyek Owidi.

He was conferred with cultural mandates and blessings by Tekwaro Lango head, Won Nyaci Dr. Eng. Michael Odongo Okune.

The cultural event took place on the 15, December, 2018 at Abili primary school, Otwal sub-county in Oyam district.

More than 500 people attended that cultural event, with calls for unity and productivity among people of Lango sub-region.

Meanwhile, Mr. Odongo has urged the people of Lango to embark on agriculture to fight household poverty.

Through agriculture, he believes that poverty can be eradicated at every levels.

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